Photo Gallery of Scarecrow Festival - September 2015

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The START at the Village hall

Village banner

Publicity Charlie

Scarecrow Festival Steering Committee

Off road parking worked well

Traffic jams in Pattingham ???

A welcoming scarecrow

The Childrens Quiz went well

.A Pew End in St Chads

...more Pew Ends

Crowds pour into St Chads

...more crowds

...and more

...and more

...and more

Busy... busy...

Scarecrow even in the congregation

Follw the Purple Route...

Pat busy selling Raffle tickets...

Raffle 1st prize

Raffle prize

Raffle prize

Holiday Club display

Some of Bob Harrington's funeral flowers

Janet helps a young bellringer

Crowds in church

Janet at her card stall...

Ken signs up more raffle tickets

...more crowds

This way to the CAR PARK...

Visitors pour in...

Car Park

Crowds of visitors everywhere

...more traffic chaos

...and here

...and here

...and here

The busy village green

...beautiful weather

Trail Guides on sale

Can I have a Quiz sheet too...

...people everywhere

The Scarecrow Quiz badge... all 1000 sold !!!

even a Police mascot

and a real Policeman...

Knickerbockers Ice Cream doing well !

The weather helps ice cream sales

Paul, a happy ice cream supplier

Tea and cakes are popular

One of the village scarecrow posters...

Queue for refreshments

Over 3000 items sold

What a choice of cakes...

...some of the hundreds of home made cakes

 Friday 25th September 2015
Some Creatures Great and Small
A presentation by Rob Colin-Stokes

The audience gathers for Rob's talk...

Rob tells of his fascinating job

Oh dear... more pictures

 Saturday 26th September 2015
A Folk and Fun Night

MC opens the evening...

KC enjoying herself...

What a great group...

enjoyed by everyone

The beautiful voice of Marilyn (Emmi)

Pro Tempore

Pro Tempore
Thanks for a great nigh !

  Sunday 27th September 2015
Harvest Service - Songs of Praise
with a special dedication of the new glass Porch Doors
Ven Dr. Sue Weller - Archdeacon of Walsall

Dr Sue Weller picks the Festival Raffle ticket

Following the dedication of the new doors

The Robert's Pattington Bear with minions

Roger Evan's magnificent 'Windsor Castle'

Outside Lychgate Coffee Shop

Free sweeties in the High Street

Greetings from Broadwell Lane

Mark tries to catch his supper

Scarecrows 62 to 68 here...

Nos 64 and 65...

'Blown Away'

The Pied Piper was popular...

West Beach !

Jill's scarecrow

Ivan's Stick Man still going strong...

Ann & Ken's Scarecrow family

Tea with the Mad Hatter.. Great display !

The Robert's Minions with a visitor

John and Yoko - a welcoming scarecrow

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Scarecrow photos >>

(Photography by Craig Thomas & Mike Coope)