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Holy Land Visit - May 2007
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Our transport !

Overlooking harbour,
Sea of Galilee, Tiberius

Entering Solomon's city,
Tel Megiddo

Inside Dome of Ascension,
Mt of Olives

View of Jerusalem from
Mt of Olives

Jewish Cemetry, Mt of Olives

Garden of Gethsemane

Entrance to Church of the Nativity,
Bethlehem, Jesus' birthplace

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Star of David - place where Jesus was born

Steps in Jerusalem

Part of (newer) Jeruselem -
From city wall near Jaffa Gate

Mt of Olives, Jewish Cemetery
from city wall near Jaffa Gate

Judean Hills

Viewing platform Masada

View from Masada - footings of Roman fort

Dead Sea Scrolls cave at Qumran

Grounds by Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

Church of the Annunciation,

Church of the Transfiguration,
Mount Tabor

Ruins by the Church of the Transfiguration

Valley of Jezreel - from Mount Tabor

Jordan Valley, southern edge of the Sea of Galilee

Yardenit, River Jordan

Fishing boat in harbour at Tiberius, Sea of Galilee

Inside Church of Beatitudes

Irene and Ivan on boat, Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee - looking towards Mensa Christi on shoreline

Tabgha, part of Byzantine mosaic floor, Church of the Multipication of the loaves and fishes

Tabgha - Sea of Galilee shore by Mensa Christi

Tabgha - Mensa Christi, Sea of Galilee - the Church of St Peter's Primacy

Souherh Wall, just inside
Dung Gate, Jerusalem

View from women's side of Western Wall

Western (Wailing) Wall

Mount Moriah (Temple Mount)

Mike and Offer by El Aska, Temple Mount

Mount Moriah (Temple Mount)

Street alley near Lion Gate, Jerusalem

Steps leading up alley, Jerusalem

Inside church on Via Delorosa, Jerusalem

Via Delorosa, Jerusalem

 These images are a selection of the many pictures taken by Phil Bramall, who kindly gave her permission for their use on the Church website.
Picture descriptions from Graham Tritton.

If you would like to show your own pictures of the Holy Land visit, please contact Mike Coope on 01902 700426

 (Photography by Phil Bramall)